TRUCK SIDE ADVERTISINGTRUCK SIDE ADVERTISING DElivers your message in a BOLD way, boasting an average 80% Ad-Recall!

Strongest Impressions + Lowest CPM = Best Value in our media portfolio!

15-min call re: Street-Level OOH; why advertisers are loving Trucks!


Proven for Awareness, New Product/Campaign Launch, Recruitment, Relevant Messaging targeting Drivers++

Wrapped Fuel Tankers and Digital Mobile Billboards with dozens of examples/case studies

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AIRPORT TRAFFIC IS UP & GROWING as Americans return to travel…


Airport Advertising

5.24.21 -The Indianapolis Int’l Airport (IND) is seeing an upward trend in increased passenger traffic, compared to this time last year. Airport officials report; the numbers, present an optimistic snapshot of where the year is headed, and signs point to a busy summer travel season. 

5.22.21 U.S. News & World Report; Air travel is bouncing back at the New Orleans Int’l Airport…
5.3.21 LA Business Journal; Passenger traffic at local airports surged in March, hitting the highest level since the pandemic began”…

Reach millions of Americans heading to airports; Encompass Media offers static+ digital IN-Airport OPPS, engaging travelers 1-to-1, with long dwell-time. Contact Pam to learn more; 212.993.9457 –
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Digital Screens on Military Bases!

EMG’s Digital Network on Military Bases reaches over 3MM military personnel and their families.
Military Base Advertising
• Variety of digital advertising opportunities at over 120 military bases across the United States.
• 865 screens delivery over 12 million impressions
• Military personnel have $200 Billion in spending power.
• Digital Screens at base gyms, ‘Rec’ Centers, Social areas+
• Add’l Digital OPPS: barracks wifi log-in ads, base website ads, FB page mentions, permission-based email blasts

Contact Pam to learn more! (212) 993-9457
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Billboard Advertising

Billboard Advertising

Encompass Media Group has the nation’s largest Out-Of-Home Network:
National Small Billboard Opportunity at Convenience Stores

C-Stores continue to be a source for marketers for engaging consumers frequently
187 million people visit a c-store each month and 75% are repeat customers!
Each month, customers visit a c-store an average of 5.5 times
Opportunities include –
• One-sheet posters – external, near entrance/exit
• Front door billboards – outward-facing, on entrance/exit door
• Floor graphics, cooler clings, counter mats/signs, take-ones

EMG is an OOH Media Solutions company founded in 2000, with over 20 unique media properties providing brands the opportunity to connect with consumers DAILY, in every DMA in the United States.
Encompass Media Group 646 387 7970

Salon Advertising at Encompass

Every month, over 100 million Americans visit Salons! Salons are perfect for marketers who want to connect with the ‘hard-to-reach younger, affluent, educated demographic, as the majority of salon customers fall into the 18–49 age group, are college-educated, and earn over $50,000/year! Over 75,000 locations in the US, with SUMMER their busiest season!

Primary Demo: Women 18–49

Opportunities Include:

  • Static Wallboards; Standard or Oversized placed at/near entrance/highest traffic area
  • Counter Card with QR code or Take-Ones
  • Outfacing Posters/ Door Clings
  • Sampling or Branded Emery Boards or Custom Polish Color
  • “Salon Take-overs” (customized) – branded aprons + signage

Salon Advertising

Contact Pam to learn more: #212.993.9457

EMG is an Out-of-Home Media company founded in 2000, with over 20 unique & exclusive media properties, provides the opportunity for brands to connect with consumers DAILY, in every DMA in the United States.

Truckside Advertising

Reach Americans on the roads this summer!

Encompass & Truckside Advertising

Thank you OOH Today for including Encompass Media Group in their “OOH Best Creative Last Week Today”.
“Entenmann’s sweet buns, donuts, and Danish. Encompass Media Group. Entenmann’s clever creativity was placed front and center at the C-Store network – enticing consumers inside for a sweet snack! 187 million people visit a c-store each month”
Encompass Media Group has an exclusive network of over 100,000 Convenience Stores One Sheet Boards. Available in every market in the USA.

Truckside Advertising

Americans are hitting the roads this summer, with thousands of people traveling domestically and/or discovering near home.

Let Encompass Media Group help you reach this MASS Audience while on the roads, with ‘Moving Billboards’

Truck side Advertising

  • TRUCKSIDES; working delivery trucks (12ft to 26ft long) Fully wrapped on both sides and back- Delivers upwards of 50,000 Impressions PER DAY/Per Truck!
  • DIGITAL Mobile Billboards; customized, controlled routes, short lead-time, easy creative changes, electric when idling- visible day or night

*Ask about my “Pay-it-forward BONUS’, provided with every summer campaign!

*Package Rates when bought with Gas Station Media

Contact me for more information or a quote: Pam #212.993.9457


OOHTODAY-“Best Creative Last Week Today”

"Best Creative Last Week Today"

Thank you OOHTODAY for including Encompass Media Group in your “Best Creative Last Week Today”
“Encompass Media Group getting messaging directly into the hands of consumers.”
EMG Media Group is an Out of Home Media company founded in 2000, with more than 20 exclusive media properties. EMG provides the opportunity to connect with consumers in every DMA in the United States.
Encompass Media Group 646 387 7970
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Netfilx – Pizza Box Advertising

Netflix Pizza Box Advertising

Netflix Pizza Box Advertising

Genius creative on Pizza Boxes!! Netflix once again makes great use of Out-of-Home!

Pizza box advertising continues to be a winner for Entertainment, delivering brand messaging in the home, with long dwell time, delivering strong Ad-Recall.

To learn more about Pizza Box advertising call; 212.993.9457
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EMG networks includes LGBTQ owned businesses


Gay Pride Month is celebrated in June to honor the 1969 Stonewall riots and works to achieve equal justice and equal opportunity for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) Americans. In June 1969, patrons and supporters of the Stonewall Inn in NYC, staged an uprising to resist the police harassment and persecution to which LGBT Americans were commonly subjected. This uprising marks the beginning of a movement to outlaw discriminatory laws and practices against LGBT Americans.

EMG networks include LGBTQ-owned businesses and allows marketers to connect with this audience during their daily routines, where they live and work… in their neighborhoods.

For more information, call Pam; #212.993.9457 or send a note.
Encompass MG offers over 20 unique OOH networks across the US, with the ability to customize to match any target audience. #oohmedia #inclusion #speakupagainsthate #relevantmedia