EMG’s Nightlife Bar Advertising Network

is a Proven Strategy to Reach a Highly Valued Demographic.

• Bring your message to the original social network with Branded Bar Coasters and Restroom Wallboards.
• Encompass Media Group has a network of over 60,000 locations. 
• Bar advertising is a proven strategy to reach a highly-valued demographic.
• Bar and pub patrons are generally in a good mood, making them more likely to consider and be persuaded by advertising products and services.
• 75% of bar patrons are between ages 21-34, with 85% ages 21-49.

Additional Opportunities: Branded Napkins, Branded Barware, Wallboards, Table Tents, Activations, Sampling, Sponsorships, and more.

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Las Vegas Branding & Activation Opportunities

• With opportunities at the airport, hotel, gaming, and shopping locations, a brand can engage with Las Vegas visitors throughout their leisure or business experience.

• Within the scale of the network, there are several different types of branding and consumer engagement capabilities.

• Each location has the ability to incorporate outward-facing branding and signage.

• A portion of the network incorporates digital signage.

• Each location has the potential for one-to-one engagement utilizing brand ambassadors, displays, store cashier talking points, and counter hand-outs/sampling.

• Network locations are in highly visible locations at the Harry Reid International Airport, as well as within focal points of many hotels/casinos.

Encompass Media Group 212 993 9420

Branded Pizza Boxes with a QR code

OOH Best Creative Last Week Today

Audible used Encompass Media Group Branded Pizza Boxes with a QR code to prompt people to listen to the new, post-apocalyptic vampire thriller Impact Winter.

Branded pizza boxes with QR codes are eye-catching, interactive, and an effective marketing strategy with enormous potential in the U.S. market.

 Travel is on the rise for 2022

Airport Advertising 2022

Reports show travel is on the rise for 2022 🚙✈️

Encompass Media Group Media is helping brands Reach Travelers… In Airports and On-the-Roads, with proven Out-of-Home tactics:

1. AIRPORT RETAIL: Branded Bags/ Inserts/ Signage/ Digital/ Sampling
2. GAS STATION MEDIA: Pump Toppers/Hose Signage/Store Posters
3. TRUCKSIDE ADS: Target Statewide, by DMA, County, City
4. MOBILE BILLBOARDS: Custom builds available, Target Statewide, by DMA, County, City

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Happy National Pizza Day!!

Whether you are a fan of a regular slice, Sicilian, or even my favorite…grandma-style – go out today and grab a pie! Encompass Media Group has over 25,000 exclusive locations across the US…We are working with our clients big & small…from gambling apps to streaming tune-in’s to universities for branded pizza boxes…Everyone LOVES PIZZA!!

Reach out if you have a client looking to get into consumers’ homes with NO clutter.

– Ability to target geographically or demographically
– 85% recall rate
– Rapid campaign launches are available
– Eye-catching, large canvas printed boxes demand attention

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OOH Best Creative Last Week Today —12 Top Executions

Sandwich Wraps

OOH Best Creative Last Week Today —12 Top Executions

Thank you OOH Today for featuring our newest media opportunity. Branded Sandwich Wraps. Messaging that gets directly into the hands of consumers.

Over 100,000 exclusive locations across the country.  Encompass media groups’ latest media tactic gets directly into the hands of consumers for an extended period of time. 
This is a program that utilizes branded sandwich wraps.

For NEW York Lottery – throughout the state of NY. Highly visible in hand media. Encompass Media Group

• Network locations include thousands of independent locations serving sandwiches across all DMA’s.
• Locations include delis, cafes, bagel shops, and c-stores.

• Vibrant printing options with endless creative possibilities.
• On any given day, 47% of adults ate a sandwich. 
• Don’t miss out on this opportunity to reach your target audience in an unforgettable way!

airport terminal advertising


EMG is your premier source for Private Jet Terminal advertising.

• Digital screens run 24/7 and are available throughout various high traffic areas in private jet terminals.
• Target C-level executives when there are long dwell times
waiting for flights.
• Availability in the top 25 busiest private jet airports.
• Targeted audience opportunities in over 65 U.S. locations.
• Additional opportunities are available at all major airports
across the country.
• Reach out today to learn more about targeting an
affluent audience with digital signage!

EMG Media Group is an Out of Home Media company founded in 2000, with more than 20 exclusive media properties. EMG provides the opportunity to connect with consumers in every DMA in the United States.
Encompass Media Group 646 387 7970
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TRUCK SIDE ADVERTISING has a 97% recall rate

Truckside Advertsing Now

Truckside Advertising

On the Road Again!
Encompass Media Group can get your message into any (and every) community, DMA, and region with our fleet of vehicles.

TRUCK SIDE ADVERTISING has a 97% recall rate
-Dizzying Variety of Options
-Effective and Efficient CPMs
-No Route is Off the Beaten Track
-All Ad Categories Are in Play

Encompass Media Group 646 387 7970
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