Door Hanger Advertising places your message directly into consumer’s hands. They’re an excellent alternative to direct mail which often times get thrown out. It’s also a cost-effective way to reach a large market. And with door hangers, you can segment your target market with a variety of geographic variables such as zip code and block radius. 

Our teams get your message to a client’s doors even throughout the fall and winter.  Your customers see hundreds and thousands of prints, tv and outdoor advertisements, but they only have door hanger advertisement on their front door!

Encompass Media Group door hanger ads reaches consumers in their homes with Door Hangers that places your message directly into their hands. The power of door hanger advertising gets ad directly into the consumer’s hand is second to none. The large door hanger format and vibrant print also makes this program impossible to miss and engaging.

You can target broadly or micro target down to specific consumer groups. ​ Ready to reach consumers with a customized door hangers’ campaign? We are an expert at door hanger advertising. In 2019, we delivered over 25 million branded door hangers! across America.

Average time (minutes) it takes for a consumer to come to a decision about an advertisement is 3. Our Door Hanger Advertising opportunities include:

  • The Ability to target Regionally, locally, Demographically, as well as by Block Groups, Zip codes and Address Specific.
  • GPS Tracking
  • Body Cam Delivery Monitoring
  • Couponing
  • Attachments
  • Scratch and Sniff Effects
  • Glow in the Dark Effects
  • 3-D Effects