Encompass Media Groups Experiential Marketing


Experiential Marketing lets you craft a stimulating, memorable and engaging advertising experience that is far from conventional. Impress your audience with our large-scale experiential marketing events, mobile tours, and stunts. Craft a bold and unforgettable advertising experience that is far from conventional with Encompass Media Group’s large-scale events, mobile tours, and stunts.

We are a full-service experiential and promotional marketing company committed to helping our clients build their brands through personal interaction and positive experiences. 

We establish a human relationship that directly engages audiences through one-on-one interaction during events orchestrated at single locations, or across multiple venues simultaneously. This Advertising strategy works because consumers can ask questions to knowledgeable staff which gives your Brand a better chance of closing more deals.

Encompass Media Groups large-scale events and stunts touch your audience on a grand scale.  Small scale events and tours allow you to impact your consumers one-on-one Experiential Marketing lends itself to PR buzz, social sharing, sampling, and more.

our main goal is to create mind-blowing and engaging events that encourage people to share their experiences on social media.  Our team has designed and produced many 3D projection mapping events for brand launches, corporate events, casinos, and many more. 

We collaborate with some of the best creative and technology partners to produce engaging visual experiences that bring events to life.   We offer a turn-key production and we need 60 Full Biz days to secure location, build-out creative & conduct mapping. 

Benefit from a results-oriented approach that is sure to generate buzz.

  • Mobilize street teams to launch your brand
  • Generate interest with giveaways and free samples
  • Excite customers and draw a crowd with PR stunts
  • Leverage social media

Event advertising programs may include: 

  • Street Decals
  • PR Stunts
  • Guerrilla Marketing
  • Beach Advertising
  • Youth Marketing
  • College Events