Encompass Media Groups Indoor advertising campaigns are geared to help our customers reach their target audience and demographics. the use of dwell time helps us determine how long people remain in an area.  This will determine the number of brand impression a captive audience can view.  The ROI (Return on Investment) is high and the price of this advertising solutions is low.

Long dwell time in a high capacity area where the consumer is engaged with your product is ideal.  The flexibility to run multiple message frequently will ensure your message gets across to the right audience.

Encompass Media Group can customize your advertisement to target audiences by geography, gender, location or zip and place this ad in high traffic areas.  Encompass Media Group produces compelling and creative indoor ads that will reach a high volume of potential customers.  We believe creativity is the key point to indoor advertising solutions and its overall success.

Indoor advertising influences an audience and creates awareness in potential buyers to purchase a product or services.  EMG uses unique strategies to attract the attention of the consumer and guide them towards a product or service.

We deliver an outstanding level of professionalism and service to our customers with honesty and transparency.  We use the right medium, so our clients get the best benefit and get the most effective advertising at the right cost.

This network has over 100,000 individual locations.

Advertisers may target all the way down to a zip code or neighborhood.