Coffee sleeve advertising places your message right into in the palm of consumers’ hands – for an extended period. With Encompass Media Group, your branded coffee sleeves or cups are distributed by hand to independent coffee shops, delis, bagel shops, etc.

Encompass Media Groups coffee sleeve advertising campaigns resonates with consumers with a recall rate of over 80%. EMG offers widespread distribution through our network of coffee shop, delis, cafe, bagel stores, etc. We offer advertisers the ability to target nationally, regionally and by zip code.

Branded Coffee Cups Advertising are an upscale media format that is placed in Coffee Cafes, Delis, Bagel Places and Convenient stores. They are a visually engaging Advertisement. We can also incorporate technology such as message changing heat sensitivity or augmented reality.

Coffee Sleeve Advertising

Coffee Cups Advertising are also a takeaway item that the consumer can use long after the cup of coffee has been consumed. Printed coffee cups and sleeves place your message in the palm of consumers’ hands – for an extended period of time.

Program assets include:

  • Branded Coffee Sleeves and/or Branded Coffee Cups
  • Brand Coffee Cups
  • Counter Mats
  • Coffee Days
  • Floor Decals
  • Deli/Food Bags
  • Coffee Sleeves/Cups
  • Sampling