Dry Cleaning Advertising with Encompass


Why advertise with dry cleaners? Dry Cleaning Bag Advertising can get into the home with an uncluttered message not having to compete with the many collateral pieces that a consumer gets in their mailbox every day

Encompass Media Groups method for advertising on dry cleaning bags offers you a cost-effective way to reach working professionals. Plus, these consumers visit dry cleaners on a regular basis, which creates multiple opportunities for your brand to be seen. 

Dry cleaner bag campaigns may be implemented in any market. Attractive signs and announcements placed in dry cleaning locations draw customer interest and heighten consumer awareness of your brand. With a growing number of business professionals with specific laundering needs, dry cleaners advertising attracts an affluent clientele.

Dry Cleaning Advertising

Most dry-cleaning customers visit on a regular basis, creating multiple opportunities to tout your product or service to an audience with a household income of 100,000+. Dry-Cleaning Bags have excellent dwell time as they sit inside a consumer’s closet for days at a time.  They can be targeted by zip code, radius, ethnicity or HHI. Want to launch a dry-cleaning advertising campaign? Encompass Media Group is here to help with our dry-cleaning bag services.

Dry Cleaning Advertising

Dry cleaning Advertising