Reach a captive audience in Laundromats, with a dwell time of over 75 minutes.
Encompass Media Group’s laundromat advertising offers strategic laundromat advertising placements all across our expansive network. Marketing and promotional materials leave a lasting impact on Laundromat clientele who are exposed to your message for an extended period leading to increased message duration

Laundromat advertising leaves a lasting impact on laundromat clientele who are exposed to your message for an extended period. Advertising opportunities include banners, floor graphics, window clings/signage, laundry machine clings, wallboard’s, and sampling.

Laundromat Advertising

Most laundromat customers visit on a regular basis, meaning multiple changes to advertising your product or service. Laundromat static Ad posters and window clings may be seen by people outside the laundromat in addition to customers. Reach a multicultural audience in urban areas.



There are about 35,000-coin laundries in the United States, generating nearly $5 billion in gross revenue annually. Our Laundromat Advertising Solutions include:

  • Banners
  • Floor Graphics
  • Window Clings/Signage
  • Laundry Machine Clings
  • Wall-boards
  • Sampling