Airport Advertising at Encompass

The Friendly skies are getting Friendly again! Airport Advertising catches the attention of millions of travelers all across the U.S. Now that the COVID menace starts to ease, people are beginning to travel more, and airports are filled with potential consumers excited about their journey and atmosphere.

Airport ads will make your message take off with this proven marketing strategy with an extended dwell time. Encompass Media offers immediate solutions to take advantage of people returning to busy airports. With over 1000 locations nationwide, we provide multiple opportunities to reach your audience.

According to IATA, The International Air Transport Association, the number of passengers will grow to 2.8 billion this year, which are a billion more passengers than in 2020. Nielson’s study commissioned by Clear Channel Airports (CCA) revealed that frequent flyers were highly responsive to airport advertising, with 80% noticing the advertising and 42% taking action.

Travelers reach the airport several hours before departure, so airport ads capitalize on the idle time people spend waiting before takeoff. Let EMG display your message to a broad audience of all ages and backgrounds who fly every day.

Encompass Media Group is an airport advertising company that offers the most extensive coverage of airports, competitive airport advertising prices, and 250 airports nationwide

Airport AdvertisingThe benefits of airport advertising are huge and will get your ad noticed, with 85% of travelers reading and recalling airport ads. Airports have extended dwell times and a sizeable captive audience with over 2.6 million people flying in and out of American airports each day.

Advertising at airports also gives you access to a diverse consumer base, from family vacations, conventions, or business travelers. Your airport ad flourishes within the most well-known and well-respected airport retailers and companies. Airport advertising opportunities include marquis banners, stand-up displays, digital displays, branded bags, sampling, shuttle bus panels, in-car placement, and custom requests.

Brands that advertise in airports are prestigious, and with our extensive airport network, we will get your brand’s message out to this captive audience who are aware of the surrounding, so your message is sure to be noticed.

Airport AdvertisingIncrease brand awareness with airport advertising that guarantees high exposure rates in spaces and retail locations with high traffic. Your airport ads are notices at the terminal, gates, and arrival at airports nations wide. Attract new customers with innovative contemporary display concepts.

Airport Marketing Benefits

  • 82% of airport travelers read and recall airport advertising programs.
  • Consumers experience long wait times at the airport, which means higher exposure for your advertisement.
  • Airports have heavy foot traffic, with over 2.5 million people flying each and every day in America.
  • Frequent flyers are highly responsive to airport advertising, with 80% noticing the media and 42% taking action, including visiting a website, going to a store, or learning more about a product/brand/service.

Airport International

Ready for your marketing campaign to take off in a big way?

Our Airport Advertising Solutions Include:

With our extensive airport network, Encompass Media will help capture the attention of an affluent audience with proven effectiveness. Our advertising solutions guarantee high exposure rates and visibility in spaces and retail locations with heavy foot traffic.

This will spread your brand’s message to reach travelers at various airport areas, including terminals, gates, baggage claim, departure, and arrival.

By ensuring that the audience reads and recalls your message, you can increase your brand awareness. We will also help you attract new customers with our innovative, contemporary display concepts.

Our airport advertising solutions include the following:

  • Branded Bags
  • Sampling
  • Ceiling Banners
  • Pop Up Displays
  • Take-Ones
  • Framed Posters
  • Counter Mats
  • Digital Screens
  • Custom Requests

Take Your Campaign to New Heights With Us

Let Encompass Media Group display your message to a broad audience of all ages and backgrounds, whether frequent or occasional flyers. Our advertising solutions are guaranteed to maximize your campaign and target your needs.